Berlin Global Learning Forum 2016

The 2nd edition of the Berlin Global Learning Forum (BGLF) will be held 28th – 30th of September 2016 in Berlin. The BGLF is a joint event of the German Development Cooperation and the World Bank Group to encourage global knowledge sharing by means of peer-to-peer learning among social protection practitioners. The Forum aims to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the conceptual frameworks and emerging experience involved in the development of adaptive social protection systems.

The BGLF 2016 is part of a conference series, facilitated by German Development Cooperation and implemented by the GIZ program “Global Alliances for Social Protection” promoting joint learning on social protection. It is based on a common conceptual outline with the South-South Learning Forum (SSLF) series promoted by World Bank’s Social Protection and Labor Global Practice. The SSLF brings together practitioners, decision makers and other stakeholders from around the world to share their experiences of social protection systems and learn from each other.

Objectives of the 2016 Berlin Global Learning Forum

The Berlin Global Learning Forum will focus sharing experiences of how social protection systems and programs around the world have responded to shocks, which affect a large proportion of the population simultaneously, such as natural disasters, mass displacement or an economic crisis. The Forum will explore the measures and systems that are required to respond and adapt to these shocks.

For the poorest, and for catastrophic shocks, governments need to provide social protection system that can be scaled up rapidly after a shock. This requires flexible processes and systems within a program, such as responsive targeting systems, capacity for rapid assessments and modified payment mechanisms. There is a need for development oriented systems to mitigate and overcome the impact of predictable shocks. The key challenges are to strike a balance between providing rapid support after a covariate shock and putting in place the necessary instruments and mechanisms to respond in the most effective and efficient way. This may mean that programs need to plan to extend coverage of program benefits to new or existing households, secure funds in advance of a shock, and guarantee disbursement.

The presentations and discussions during the 2016 Berlin Global Learning Forum will be on “Shock-Responsive Social Protection Systems in an Uncertain World”. These presentations and discussions will feed lessons learned into the design and implementation of future shock responsive social protection systems.

The Forum’s focus will be on how social protection systems respond to three different types of shocks and crises. The following sessions will be discussed over the course of the 3-day event:

  1. Mitigating the Impact of Economic Crises through Social Protection Systems
  2. Strengthening Social Protection Systems for Displaced People
  3. Adapting Social Protection Systems to Respond to Natural Disasters

Invited country participants will present their cases to those three shocks.

Linking to the South-South Learning Forum 2017: Building Resilience through Adaptive Safety Nets

The South-South Learning Forum is the flagship event of the World Bank’s Social Protection and Labor Global Practice. Since its launch, the event has brought together more than 1,300 officials and policymakers to share and advance global knowledge and practice on social protection. The 7th edition of this event will be held in fall 2017. The South-South Learning Forum in 2017 will have a central focus on adaptive safety net programs. Adaptive safety nets are those that build the resilience of poor and vulnerable households before any shock occurs, to be better able to absorb, respond and adapt to the impact of increase of natural disasters- including those due to climate change-, conflict, and economic shocks.


Participation by invitation.